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Get Help with Wastewater Management from Galcon Precast Ltd in Duncan

At Galcon Precast Ltd in Duncan, we have single and two chamber tanks ranging from 600 imp. gal to 5100 imp. gal always in stock. Pump or reverse pump tanks are also kept in stock. All tanks are complete with sealed lids, poly risers and lids, flexible rubber inlet and outlet seals, and a Zabel effluent filter. Our tanks are available with an H20 load lid (traffic). We work with a number of concrete septic tanks and products. There are many benefits to concrete septic tanks versus plastic ones.

Concrete vs. Plastic Tanks

Precast concrete septic tanks and cisterns have been the accepted standard for well over 40 years for a variety of reasons. These include:

Concrete septic tanks outperform plastic by significantly reducing installation and backfilling costs.

Plastic tanks have to be filled with water while slowly backfilling with pea gravel at the same level as the water in the tank (as recommended by the manufacturers).

Concrete septic tanks are a MUCH stronger product and will not lose their shape over time or when cleaned out.

Concrete septic tanks are environmentally friendly products.

Concrete septic tanks can be made a lot larger than plastic or fiberglass tanks.

Concrete septic tanks hold heat longer which increases the growth of bacteria helping to break down the influent entering the tank. This provides a lot cleaner effluent leaving the tank and entering your septic field.

The weight of a concrete septic tank is also an advantage. This eliminates the possibility of the tank floating in areas with a high water table.


Septic Tank

Septic tanks are an essential part of a home or a business. Installation of a septic tank serves the purpose of ensuring proper treatment and disposal of waste. Hence, it is extremely important to take care when choosing a septic tank and only install quality septic tanks.

If you’re looking to buy a septic tank in Duncan, look no further than Galcon Precast Ltd. Our team of trained technicians can help you select the right septic tank for your home. Don’t hesitate to give us a call now.




Septic/Pump Combo

Septic tanks with a pump tank are a common combination. At Galcon Precast Ltd, we have a variety of septic and pump tank options you can choose for your home or business. We offer septic and pump tanks in Duncan. These pumps are installed at the rear end of a septic tank, and they carry effluent water flushed out of the septic tank.

Choose quality septic and pump tanks from us. Give us a call now.


Pump Chambers

If you have an existing septic tank and want a pump chamber installed, Galcon Precast Ltd can do the job for you. We supply pump chambers in Duncan. Contact us for further information or reach us here in Duncan. 


Pump chambers are installed at the end of a septic tank. They are designed to collect the effluent water that flows out of the septic tank. Often they contain filters, alarms, and controls. Give us a call if you’re looking for a quality pump chamber.


Cistern | Water Storage

Cisterns are used for holding water, generally rainwater. The water stored in cisterns can be used for various purposes, including consumption. These are typically placed underground by professionals. Shop quality cisterns from us today; contact us for more information.

All of our tanks are watertight and reinforced to ensure a durable and long-lasting product. The range we carry includes:

1150 imp. gal

      1350 imp. gal

      2100 imp. gal

2800 imp. gal

These sizes are always available in stock but we can provide other sizes if requested.

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Great Experience


i had a great experience in dealing with  Dans Precast. i had to lift and move a septic tank to a lower level and the whole process went very smooth. The driver (cliff i believe) was very professional,  thoughtful and friendly and very easy to deal with .

i had to coordinate the lift after i had pumped the tank. Ernie (in the office) was able to coordinate a lift time that worked out for all of us.

i will use Dans Septic in the future for sure. do not hesitate to call, they have a newer crane truck that can lift all kinds of things...just call them and talk to them about your needs....Great job and thank you again, jim

Jim M

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