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Oil Separators

Durable Precast Concrete Oil Separators in Duncan

Oil separators are used to segregate water from pollutants like oil, hydrocarbons and grease. As wastewater is suffused with all types of contaminants, it can carry tiny droplets of oil in it. An oil-water separator is a specially designed equipment to target the gravity difference between oil and water, which allows for the sludge to settle to the bottom. This makes the oil rise to the top while the additional wastewater is left as the middle layer. The superior strength and durability of precast concrete oil separators ensure long-lasting performance and provide great quality control.


Galcon Precast Ltd in Duncan can produce a concrete oil separator that fits your project’s needs and requirements. Talk to us about customization.

technical drawings

Type I Oil Interceptor

Type II Oil Interceptor

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