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Septic-Pump Combo Tanks

Septic-Pump Combo Tanks - The Efficient Solution from Galcon Precast Ltd

Welcome to Galcon Precast Ltd, your premier source for top-tier precast concrete products in Duncan and beyond. Since our inception in 1972, we have been dedicated to offering the finest in precast concrete solutions, and our Septic-Pump Combo Tanks are a testament to this commitment.

Why Choose Our Septic-Pump Combo Tanks?
  • Versatility and Quality: Our combo tanks are designed for both residential and commercial applications, ensuring versatility for any project. With a variety of options available, you can select the perfect fit for your home or business needs.

  • Innovative Design and Custom Solutions: Each tank features a strategically installed pump at the rear end, proficiently managing effluent water from the septic system, guaranteeing efficiency and reliability in wastewater management. For unique requirements, we offer custom design services to tailor the tanks to your specific needs.

  • Trusted Expertise: Leveraging over five decades of experience, Galcon Precast Ltd (formerly Dan’s Pre-Cast) brings unparalleled expertise in crafting high-quality precast products. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is evident in every unit we produce.


Complete Service - Delivery, and Installation:
  • Hassle-Free Delivery: We understand the challenges of transporting large precast units. Our fleet of crane trucks ensures safe and efficient delivery to your site.

  • Professional Installation: Our skilled team provides complete installation services, ensuring your septic-pump combo tank is set up with precision and care.


Serving a Wide Community: Proudly serving the communities of Campbell River, Courtenay, Parksville, Chemainus, Ladysmith, Duncan, Nanaimo, Victoria, and all of Vancouver Island, we ensure that our products, including the septic-pump combo tanks, meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Your Satisfaction, Our Priority: At Galcon Precast Ltd, customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. From custom designs to standard solutions, our products are crafted to ensure durability and efficiency, with little maintenance required.

Choose Galcon Precast Ltd for your septic-pump combo tank needs and experience the assurance of quality, efficiency, and comprehensive service. Give us a call now to find out how our products and services can benefit your project.

Concrete vs. Plastic Tanks

Precast concrete septic tanks and cisterns have been the accepted standard for well over 40 years for a variety of reasons. These include:

Concrete septic tanks outperform plastic by significantly reducing installation and backfilling costs.

Plastic tanks have to be filled with water while slowly backfilling with pea gravel at the same level as the water in the tank (as recommended by the manufacturers).

Concrete septic tanks are a MUCH stronger product and will not lose their shape over time or when cleaned out.

Concrete septic tanks are environmentally friendly products.

Concrete septic tanks can be made a lot larger than plastic or fiberglass tanks.

Concrete septic tanks hold heat longer which increases the growth of bacteria helping to break down the influent entering the tank. This provides a lot cleaner effluent leaving the tank and entering your septic field.

The weight of a concrete septic tank is also an advantage. This eliminates the possibility of the tank floating in areas with a high water table.

What is a Septic-Pump Combo Tank?

A septic-pump combo tank is an integrated system designed for efficient wastewater management, particularly in areas without access to municipal sewage systems. It combines a traditional septic tank with a pump tank in one unit. Here's how it works and its key components:

Septic Tank Section
  1. Wastewater Reception: This part receives all the wastewater from a household or building. It's typically the first chamber in the system.

  2. Solid Waste Separation: In the septic tank, solids settle at the bottom, forming sludge, while lighter substances like oils and grease float to the top, forming scum.

  3. Anaerobic Digestion: The middle layer of liquid, known as effluent, undergoes anaerobic digestion where bacteria break down the organic matter.

Pump Tank Section
  1. Effluent Collection: After initial processing in the septic tank, the effluent flows into the pump tank section.

  2. Pump Mechanism: The pump tank houses a pump that activates when the effluent reaches a certain level.

  3. Effluent Distribution: The pump sends the effluent to a drain field, leach field, or a further treatment system.

Advantages of a Septic-Pump Combo Tank
  • Space-Efficient Design: Combining both functions in one unit saves space, making it suitable for smaller properties.

  • Improved Efficiency: The pump ensures consistent and controlled distribution of effluent, enhancing the effectiveness of the system.

  • Versatility: It's particularly useful in areas with varying topography where gravity alone is insufficient to move effluent to the drain field.

  • Customizable Operation: The pump can be configured or timed to match the specific needs of the site and soil conditions.

Ideal Use Cases
  • Homes in Rural Areas: Especially where municipal sewage connections are not available.

  • Areas with Low Soil Permeability: Where gravity-fed systems might not work effectively.

  • Properties with Elevated Drain Fields: The pump aids in transporting effluent to higher elevations.


In summary, a septic-pump combo tank is a specialized solution for wastewater management, combining the functionality of a septic tank and a pump system, ensuring efficient waste processing and distribution for properties not serviced by centralized sewage systems.

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Great Experience


i had a great experience in dealing with  Dans Precast. i had to lift and move a septic tank to a lower level and the whole process went very smooth. The driver (cliff i believe) was very professional,  thoughtful and friendly and very easy to deal with .

i had to coordinate the lift after i had pumped the tank. Ernie (in the office) was able to coordinate a lift time that worked out for all of us.

i will use Dans Septic in the future for sure. do not hesitate to call, they have a newer crane truck that can lift all kinds of things...just call them and talk to them about your needs....Great job and thank you again, jim

Jim M

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