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See the full range of precast concrete products, such as septic tanks, water tanks, cisterns, oil separators, well casings, manhole covers, light basins, and custom and decorative work available from Galcon Precast Ltd on Vancouver Island.

The Premier Precast Concrete Manufacturer & Supplier on Vancouver Island

Galcon Precast Ltd is your trusted provider of high-quality precast concrete products in Duncan. With expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we specialize in manufacturing a wide range of precast concrete components for construction projects of all sizes. Serving the communities of Campbell River, Courtenay, Parksville, Chemainus, Ladysmith, Duncan, Nanaimo, Victoria, and all of Vancouver Island, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional products that meet your specific needs.


Contact us today to order top-quality precast concrete for your next project today. You can also check out our gallery to view our past projects and installation work.

Over 50 Years of Precast Concrete Expertise

Galcon Precast Ltd has been a trusted name in the precast concrete industry since its establishment in 1972. With over five decades of experience, our company has garnered expertise in crafting high-quality precast concrete products in Duncan and across Vancouver Island and British Columbia. Over the years, Galcon Precast Ltd (formerly Dan’s Pre-Cast) has earned a solid reputation for its commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. From designing and manufacturing custom precast solutions to supplying a diverse range of standard precast products, we cater to the needs of various industries, including construction, infrastructure, and landscaping. Our extensive knowledge and proficiency in precast concrete have made us the go-to choice for both residential and commercial projects, ensuring durability, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal in every product we offer.

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Learn about the Precast Concrete Manufacturing and Installation Process

Precast concrete is a construction product made by pouring concrete into reusable molds, which are then transported on-site for installation. The molds are typically made from steel, wood, or other materials that can withstand the pressure of wet concrete.

Precast concrete companies specialize in the production of precast concrete products, such as septic tanks, water tanks, cisterns, oil separators, well casings, manhole covers, light basins, and other building components, as well as custom and decorative work. We have the expertise and equipment needed to produce high-quality precast concrete products that meet the specific needs of your construction projects.

The process of precasting concrete involves several steps, including:

  • Design: We work with engineers to design the product to meet the project's specifications.

  • Molding: The mold is created based on the design, and the concrete is poured into the mold.

  • Curing: The concrete is left to cure and harden in the mold, which can take several days.

  • Finishing: Once the concrete has cured, the product is removed from the mold, and any finishing touches, such as smoothing or texturing, are applied.

  • Transport and installation: The precast concrete product is transported to the construction site and installed using specialized equipment and techniques.

Precast concrete products offer several advantages over traditional cast-in-place concrete, including faster installation, better quality control, and reduced on-site construction time. There are also numerous advantages over plastic products, such as durability, strength, and stability. Precast concrete companies play a crucial role in the construction industry by providing high-quality precast concrete products that meet the specific needs of construction projects.

Dan’s Precast changed its name to Galcon Precast Ltd

As part of our ongoing upgrades for the future, after 15 years of serving you as Dan’s Precast, we decided to rebrand ourselves to Galcon Precast Ltd. We are excited to make this change and keep our strong relationship with customers across Campbell River, Courtenay, Parksville, Chemainus, Ladysmith, Duncan, Nanaimo, Victoria, and all of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.


Galcon Precast Ltd is one of British Columbia's largest suppliers of septic tanks and concrete products. Our manufacturing plant in Duncan specializes in precast septic tanks of 600 - 5100 gallon capacity. Our crew of trained professionals has the expertise to advise you on the best products and options for your needs.

We undertake all residential, commercial, and industrial projects for catch basins, metal frames and grates, oil separators, manholes, water reservoirs, concrete tanks, parking curbs, street light/sign bases, and other concrete products. We have the skills and expertise necessary to ensure high-quality service and customer satisfaction.

Great Customer Service

Over the years, we have built great relationships with hundreds of satisfied repeat customers. We treat all our customers fairly. As contractors, one of your most important considerations is that, you can bid on a job coming in and have the same opportunity as your competitor. We treat every client with the same fair price no matter how large or small your company is or whether you’re a new or old customer.

View of two male workers laying precast concrete slabs next to crane truck

Convenient Crane Truck & Delivery Service on Vancouver Island

Not every precast concrete company offers delivery and installation, but we do. With the use of our own certified crane operators, we will save you time and money. Offering 103 combined years of experience, our certified crew works with your team for optimal results. Our trucks are strong and have a reach that fits most jobs.

Decades of Industry Experience

Our company has been in the precasting business for over 50 years. Thanks to our tried-and-true production methods, we use techniques not seen in large manufacturing sites. This approach to precasting allows us to easily and quickly modify our septic tanks and other concrete products for special customer requests.

View of stacked precast manholes

Environmentally Conscious

As a family-owned company, we know how our business affects the environment. We have minimal waste, recycle our water, and ensure any leftover product is used.

Guaranteed Products in Duncan

We have a huge stock on hand, but we also custom-design products and build as needed. This helps us serve our clients to the best of our ability. Most importantly, we stand behind each of our precast products. If there is any problem with your product, we will replace it. Our team won’t abandon you should something go wrong, whether it’s a flaw in the product or an issue caused by the installation process. We work with you to solve the problem.

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Great Experience


i had a great experience in dealing with  Dans Precast. i had to lift and move a septic tank to a lower level and the whole process went very smooth. The driver (cliff i believe) was very professional,  thoughtful and friendly and very easy to deal with .

i had to coordinate the lift after i had pumped the tank. Ernie (in the office) was able to coordinate a lift time that worked out for all of us.

i will use Dans Septic in the future for sure. do not hesitate to call, they have a newer crane truck that can lift all kinds of things...just call them and talk to them about your needs....Great job and thank you again, jim

Jim M

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We offer a comprehensive range of products, including tanks, septic accessories, oil separators, well casing, manholes, bases, parking lot curbs, trench drains, and decorative work in Duncan and across Vancouver Island.

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