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Septic Accessories

Distribution Boxes & Customized Polylok© Donuts in Duncan

A distribution box is an important component of your sewage disposal system. When the wastewater is discharged from the septic tank, it enters the distribution box. The distribution box helps to evenly divide and channel the wastewater to the drainage system. It is critical that it is levelled uniformly to prevent unequal distribution. One of the easiest ways to check for the levelness of your distribution box is to add water to it. 

To fulfill your septic tank needs, Galcon Precast Ltd in Duncan offers three different concrete distribution boxes. You can also bring your septic tank to grade with our Polylok© donuts or risers.

Distribution Boxes

At Galcon Precast Ltd, we offer:




Our distribution boxes come with either concrete lids or a Polylok© riser and lid. Distribution boxes, although small, are essential to your septic tank's sewage disposal processes.

Polylok© Donuts

Polylok© Donuts allows convenient vacuum and water testing for septic tanks. They offer high UV protection and make it easy to bring septic access to grade. Galcon Precast Ltd carries a wide variety of Polylok© donuts to fit your specific septic tank. If we don’t carry the size you need, our team is more than happy to create a custom product.

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