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Reliable Concrete Bases for Duncan’s Streetlights and Street Sign Infrastructure

Illuminate streets, parking lots, and walkways in Duncan with streetlights fashioned with sturdy precast concrete bases from Galcon Precast Ltd.

Precast concrete bases are preferred over pour-in-place concrete for streetlights, light poles and street signs as they are highly efficient and can be installed quickly. These concrete pole bases eliminate the need for waiting and the complex procedure required to pour concrete on site. Available in a wide variety of sizes, concrete bases are brought to the job site ready to install.

Need to secure your street signs and streetlights with concrete bases? Our team will be happy to help you. Contact us today for more information.


Streetlight Bases

Galcon Precast Ltd stocks a variety of MMCD & MoTH bases with the ability to adapt to any custom configuration. We also have the equipment capable of lifting, shipping, and placing any of our bases, which can help save our customers time and money. Just send us your specs, and we can give you a quote for your streetlight bases.

Street Sign Bases

Whether you need a concrete sign base for your construction site to direct workers around a safe zone or for an office building to highlight as a muster point, you can count on us for versatile concrete-based products that are ideal for all. We carry a wide selection of concrete bases to fit various-sized signs. Our sign bases are sturdy and durable, withstanding a number of exterior factors and elements. So no matter where you situate them, they will stand the test of time and fulfill the purpose of informing, guiding or even blocking.

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