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Get Help with Wastewater Management
from Galcon Precast Ltd in Duncan

Galcon Precast Ltd has provided concrete products for contractors, registered wastewater planners, engineers, hospitals, parking lots, and homeowners throughout Vancouver Island. Based in Duncan, our team will work with you to modify our concrete products to best suit your project’s needs.

With over 40 years of experience in the business, our septic tanks and concrete products are well known for their quality. In fact, the trainer for septic installation, Jim Anderson, who has worked all over British Columbia, uses our products in his training processes.

Our products are created with an old-fashioned wet-mix method. While other companies mass-produce their concrete products and use additives for a speedier drying process, we do not. We know that these additives make the product brittle, which ultimately compromises your project’s structure. Our concrete products are more reliable and less prone to cracking.

For many of our products, we will transport them to the installation location. Contact our team today if you have questions about our products or would like to place an order.

custom products

Custom Products

Your project is as unique as you are and that is why we offer custom products for all our clients.

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Our products include:

Pump Chambers

We provide pump chambers for your septic tank installation needs. All chambers are sealed with a poly riser and lid. Any of our larger single chamber septic tanks can be used as a pump chamber. Our pump chambers are structurally sound and watertight and meet all regulations, design requirements, and manufacturing practices. Our pump chambers come in the following sizes:

  • 200

  • 300

  • 350

  • 450

Distribution Boxes

To fulfill your septic tank needs, Galcon Precast offers three different concrete distribution boxes. We have:

  • 4-hole

  • 7-hole

  • 11-hole

Our distribution boxes come with either concrete lids or a Polylok© riser and lid. Distribution boxes, although small, are essential to your septic tank's sewage disposal processes.

Water Storage

Water storage tanks are available at Galcon Precast Ltd. All of our tanks are watertight and reinforced to ensure a durable and long-lasting product. We range we carry includes:

  • 1150 imp. gal

  • 1325 imp. gal

  • 2000 imp. gal

  • 2800 imp. gal

These sizes are always available in stock but we can provide other sizes if requested.

Oil sepArators

Oil separators can be used to protect your water from pollution. The superior strength and durability of pre-cast concrete oil separators ensures a long-lasting performance. There is also a large degree of quality control. Galcon Precast can produce a concrete oil separator that fits your project’s needs and requirements. Talk to us about customization

Well Casing

Pre-cast concrete well casings are always in stock. The sizes we carry include:

  • 36 in.

  • 48 in.

  • 72 in.

Customization is available if you require a different size for your well’s project. Galcon Precast ensures a strong well casing that protects your well water from contaminants.


Galcon Precast offers a wide variety of manholes ranging from 900mm to 2130mm in diameter. Our manholes come in four different sections:

  • 1 ft.

  • 2 ft.

  • 3 ft.

  • 4 ft.

We carry all frames and grates so that we can easily suit your needs. If you require a different size, please ask about customization services.

CB & CO Barrels

Each construction project is unique and requires specific materials. That’s why Galcon Precast carries a large number of different-sized CB and CO barrels to suit the unique needs of your project.

Streetlight Bases

Illuminate streets, parking lots, and walkways with streetlights fashioned with our sturdy pre-casted concrete bases. We stock a variety of MMCD & MoTH Bases with the ability to adapt to any custom configuration. We also have the equipment capable of lifting, shipping, and placing any of our bases, which can help save our customers time and money. Just send us your specs, and we can give you a quote for your streetlight bases.

Polylok© Donuts

Bring your septic tank to grade with our Polylok© donuts or risers. Galcon Precast carries a wide variety of Polylok© donuts to fit your specific septic tank. If we don’t carry the size you need, our team is more than happy to create a custom product.

Parking Lot Curbs

Our concrete curbs will complete your parking lot. Curbs offer organization for your pavement’s space and increase safety by properly marking parking spots. Galcon Precast carries three different sizes of parking lot curbs to fit your lot's dimensions.

Street Sign Bases

Secure your street signs with concrete bases from Galcon Precast. We carry a wide selection of concrete bases to fit various-sized signs. Our sign bases are sturdy and durable, withstanding a number of exterior factors and elements.

Trench Drains

Keep your property free of standing water with trench drains. Galcon Precast carries and installs various trench drains to fit your property’s specific needs. Our experts can steer you towards the trench drains that best suit your property’s landscape.

Decorative Work

Site Furnishings, Custom Castings, and more! Galcon Precast has been working to produce high-quality concrete products. Utilizing UHPC for many of our products enables us to provide top-quality products that will outperform many other traditional materials used in the industry. Contact us for product information and pricing.

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